Promo Image

Hey folks, I’ve been working on the issue 4 Kickstarter, and I needed a promotional image for it so I slapped this together!

Really trying to workshop stretch goal/add-on ideas. I thought about doing a sticker sheet but the missus said people don’t really want those. I’d appreciate any suggestions!

Status Quo

If I had a nickel for every time a Twogargs character found themselves chained to a wall I’d have twenty-five cents, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it’s happened five times

I’m off DeviantArt now; it pushes AI pretty hard now, so rather than continue individually blocking people posting it I—and a lot of other creators—have simply bailed. My official official gallery is always going to be here, and if you want to look at old stuff try my Instagram. (Don’t.)



Michael sent a cute one (“will you be my goyle friend”) which planted the seed of this, and then Kyle sent a filthy one involving a teabag and basically I can’t be held responsible here? Once the ball gets rolling it has to gather moss or whatever.