Pay What You Want Commissions

To book your slot:

Step One: Contact me at any of these fine social media apps to reserve your slot:

or Artistree Bluesky Cara FurAffinity Newgrounds Pillowfort

Don’t forget to include:

  • Your name–the one your payment will be coming from!
  • The name that you would like to appear on the spreadsheet below. Keep in mind that it’s public! This name can be anything you want.
  • The description of your commission: who’s in it, what they look like, what they’re wearing, what they’re doing. Please don’t forget to include reference pictures, especially if they’re your own characters!

Once the details of the commission have been agreed on between us, we move on to:

Step Two: send your payment to me through either Patreon, Ko-fi, or Paypal, and you’ll be added to this commissions list.


Where can I see samples of your work?

I post commissions and other artwork at all of the social media apps linked at the top!

So you’ll really draw me the full 1987 X-Men roster for $1?

Maximum three characters per commission, unless discussed with me first. You’ll be happier with the results anyway–stuff more than three people in there and it becomes an engineering puzzle, like a game of Twister that nobody’s enjoying.

And also, let’s be real, the amount of time and energy I’m gonna devote to it will also hinge on the price. You can expect to get your dollar’s worth!

Will I get to see a sketch before you ink, or inks before you colour? Can I make changes?

Sorry, no, this is a fast n’ dirty sort of setup! Once it’s done it’s done, so it’s important to be as clear as you can be at the outset!

I just sent my payment, how long will my finished commission take?

If you’re at the top of my list, my general turnaround time is about a week or two! Depending on how complex it is. If you’re not at the top of the list, the power is in your hands–or your wallet–to take their place!

So wait–if you’re midway through my commission and someone overtakes me, you’re going to stop working on mine and work on theirs?


I support you on Patreon, does that count?

Sure does! My $5 Patreon supporters have always been able to submit requests, and will still be able to. You’ll get a 2x multiplier in the ranking: that $5 will count as $10 for the purpose of the list order.

Do you work in traditional media? Can you mail me a print?

Sorry, I work digital only. I’ll be sending you a resolution-independent, vector PDF, that you are certainly welcome to print. Or post. But not sell to people.

Are prices in American, or…?

I’m Canadian, so the amount of money I receive from you in Canadian funds will be what I put on the list. You’re free to send whatever you like! –And as a side note, that’s why I can’t accept Cashapp, Venmo, e-transfer, etc.

What does “some restrictions apply” mean about NSFW art?

In broad strokes: no kids, no rape. I do reserve the right to nope out of other things, though.

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