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This Is Fine

Y'know, relatively absolutely safe. And don't turn around.

Issue 3: Connection on DriveThruComics

Issue 3 is now available for digital purchase on! Issues 1 and 2 have been there for a little while, I think. We started uploading the Two Gargoyles library there once Comixology invited all non-Americans a very pleasant get-stuffed last year. If you prefer physical printed comics (bless your heart) issue 3 will be on Indyplanet… sometime.

Pardon the Mess!

I’m taking some comics advice and self-hosting! It’s been going well on Webtoon, but who knows! Nothing’s forever. And this way I can post the print-shaped pages here and the vertical-scroll ones there and you can subscribe to whichever one you like. Probably gonna be some bugs to iron out for a while, though.