Acid Burn







Maeve Bancroft

Maeve, the younger gargoyle, used to fit in perfectly with gargoyle society. She was content to think of herself as a cog in the machine, working together with her brothers and sisters for the good of all. Maeve’s only problem was Veronica, her wild-child best friend who refused to integrate into society, and refused to recognize the danger she posed to herself–and then one day, when Maeve’s worst fear came true, she was forced to make a choice: remain in the only life she’d ever known, or follow her friend into the unknown outside world.


Peter Moore

CTO of multinational communications corporation Incom, Peter Moore is exactly as smart as he thinks he is. Friendly, chatty and somewhat flexibly moral, when he learned of Veronica's existence he first began a sexual relationship with her and then they planned murders together for over a decade. But it's fine! They were all bad people. He loves Veronica and wants to protect her, which is exactly what Veronica doesn't want ever.


Rebecca Black




The Mage

The Patriarch

The leader of the colony of gargoyles in the Czech Republic. Ostensibly he's supposed to be keeping his people safe from the threat of human or mage discovery--but then he dispatches Azrael's husband to kill Veronica. Shifty!

Veronica Bancroft

Veronica, the older of the two sisters, has never fit in to gargoyle society, and started to act upon her dreams of the outside world as soon as she reached adulthood. Rather than completely leave her home, however, she decided to have her cake and eat it too: living amongst the other gargoyles by day, and sneaking out at night to explore the nearby city of Prague in her endless pursuit of experience, even eventually picking up Czech as a second language. (The other gargoyles speak English, the language of their creators.) Veronica has a deep love of pop culture, often quoting human television and movies. Mysteriously, she also has a human digital identity, including a false driver’s license, passport, and credit card. Veronica is street-smart, but is reckless to the point of foolhardiness, having rejected the idea of living in fear to such an extent that she’s often dismissive of all personal risk or consequence.