It's the Final Countdown!

What’s up Hawktioneers! This month I’ve been running a Kickstarter for the moon enamel pins that I’ve had for a couple of years—kind of a side hustle to my side hustle.

It wraps up this weekend over at and I’d appreciate your joining in!

When I’m not watching that number climb (or more accurately, wobble back and forth) and hyperventilating about it, I’m nearly finished page three of issue five, in which Discussions Continue To Take Place.

They seem trustworthy. I’m sure it’s fine.

I also received my proof copies for issues 2, 3 and 4 from DriveThruComics this week. The good news is, 2 and 3 look great, and I approved the print copies as available to buy!

Issue 4 had—well, issues. But that’s okay! I fixed them. And my publisher let me know that Two Gargoyles will be running a Kickstarter for #4 so I shouldn’t put up print copies until after that, anyway. So, only mildly annoying in the long run.

Work continues on the Longest Commission Ever: Patreon backers saw that I just added Delilah to the pile. Next up: Desdemona!

Further bulletins as events warrant!

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