Two Sad Mockeries

Veronica's not a book-reader, so her Hitchhiker's Guide reference is completely coincidental.

Issue 3: Connection on DriveThruComics

Issue 3 is now available for digital purchase on DriveThruComics.com!

Issues 1 and 2 have been there for a little while, I think. We started uploading the Two Gargoyles library there once Comixology invited all non-Americans a very pleasant get-stuffed last year. If you prefer physical printed comics (bless your heart) issue 3 will be on Indyplanet… sometime.

Commissions Open for 2023!

It’s been about four years, but I’ve now opened commissions again! This time they’re powered by ko-fi.com which seems like a good way to organize things. Please have a boo over at hire.hawkstonedraws.com!

Kelowna Comic-Con: August 20-21

Two Gargoyles Comics will be in the Guest section of Kelowna Comic-Con! Swing on by and grab the first three issues of Girls Out as well as, y’know, all the other stuff we do!

Pardon the Mess!

I’m taking some comics advice and self-hosting! It’s been going well on Webtoon, but who knows! Nothing’s forever. And this way I can post the print-shaped pages here and the vertical-scroll ones there and you can subscribe to whichever one you like.

Probably gonna be some bugs to iron out for a while, though.

TDA:GO #3 Print Comic Kickstarter

Just launched a three-week Kickstarter for print comics of TDA:GO #3 at bit.ly/tdago_3! Issues #1 and #2 are available through the magic of add-ons! And if we start meeting stretch goals, print copies of other Twogargs titles will be included free!

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