Pardon the Mess!

I’m taking some comics advice and self-hosting! It’s been going well on Webtoon, but who knows! Nothing’s forever. And this way I can post the print-shaped pages here and the vertical-scroll ones there and you can subscribe to whichever one you like.

Probably gonna be some bugs to iron out for a while, though.

TDA:Go #4 Posting on Patreon

Every other Sunday, a new page of Twilight Detective Agency: Girls Out #4 (titled Spiderwebs) will appear on my Patreon for the hopefully reasonable price of $2 a month!

Once it’s closer to being finished, I will be running a Kickstarter to offset its costs, but my Patreon supporters will get to read it early, as it’s in progress, and I’ve also been writing posts accompanying each page.

Please consider becoming a patron! Your support is always appreciated!

TDA:GO #2 – Bad Reputation

Issue 2 of Twilight Detective Agency: Girls Out is now available on Indyplanet!

Veronica and Maeve have fled their home in the Czech Republic, travelling secretly across Europe to London.

Suddenly ripped from her insular gargoyle society, Maeve has been learning about the human world thanks to her more-experienced best friend–but where has Veronica gotten that experience? What has she been doing among humanity for the past twelve years?

And just what else is she capable of?

Sample pages:


Written and interior art by Mike Rieger. Cover by Karine Charlebois. Published by Two Gargoyles Comics.

They’re The Mostest!

Remember Hostess Fruit Pie ads in comics? (If not, here’s a refresher.) Well, in the interests of staying extremely current, the Two Gargoyles Comics titles are creating fruit pie ads to appear in the other titles.

I finished mine first! I didn’t write a bit of it, though–Michael wrote it for me! It’s a wee bit spoilery but I laughed and laughed and I’m prouder of this than anything I’ve done in a long time. A long time.