I’m Mike Rieger, a graphic artist and cartoonist living in Canada. I specialize in a comic-book style of art, and I invite you to browse my Portfolio pages and the thumbnail slider to see what I do.

Folks ask me when I started drawing, but I don’t remember a time when I didn’t draw. I think most children play with crayons–and walls–and as we grow up most of us lose that sense of unrestrained freedom, and the ability to just use up paper without fear. Fortunately my father works with water treatment engineering companies, and brought home several cases of letterhead from a firm that had changed its name or gone under. So I had an inexhaustible supply of paper, and I did my best to exhaust it.  (I never succeeded.)

I don’t think it ever occurred to me that I wouldn’t end up working in an artistic field, and I’ve been working as a full-time graphic artist since 1997. I also show my own work at comics conventions around the U.S. and Canada, most frequently at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Apart from my work life and my own projects, I am happy to take on commissioned projects as well. Please click the Rates link at the top for information about my rates.

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