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2 thoughts on “He’s A Big Boy

  1. “Hawkstone Draws: Nothing will stop him—we tried!”
    Except AI. Guess you’ve gotta update this.

    1. Yeah I’m not following? Nobody tried to stop me from using AI.

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He’s A Big Boy

Okay, today marks a turning point in the comic!

After fighting a long battle against AI, joining and leaving several social media apps about it, I've now read a few articles that explain that listen, it's a tool like any other, it has its ups and its downs but ultimately it has its uses.

And so on this page, finally, I've used it to create the background of the cargo van in the first panel because lord, I do not enjoy drawing backgrounds. Hate em.

You may have opinions about this. Your opinion may include the fact that I Nightshaded this whole page to poison it against AI scraping, so some hypocrisy is involved. Feel free to add them below. I've considered it all myself! Pretty sure it's gonna keep happening.

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I’ve been going to conventions since I was a dumb kid hanging around in hotel ballrooms with other dumb kids doing dumb kid stuff. And I think I’m done with that.

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I think we’re halfway through? Ish? The goalposts keep moving!

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Yeah, I don’t feel good about it either.

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